A new song I wrote: ‘I Feel Free’

Here is another new song that I wrote recently. It is called, ‘I Feel Free.’ ~~ Chad

I Feel Free
by Chad Shank

I fill up with gas at a 2 pump station
On the outskirts of civilization
Out here where I can roam
The rat race I run away from
So I can breathe in freedom
The prairie feels like home

City’s where I make ends meet
back there I’m Mr Corporate
Stuffed into an office
Out here I’m king not a worker bee

Country air
Windows down
I Feel Free
Getting out
On the road
I Feel Free
As the sun’s sinking down over the corn fields
I Feel Free

The way time is flying it won’t be that long
I can quit my job and say so long
Can’t wait til I’m retired
Get back to rural America
No concrete hysteria
The place where I’m revived

Watch the sunset and stars come out
Sinking slow on the horizon
Man it’s really something
It’s those simple things that what life’s about


Hello Farmland
It is always good to see you
But let’s not wait so long for next time


©2012 Chad Shank, Rowley Street Music

2 thoughts on “A new song I wrote: ‘I Feel Free’

  1. Hey – I’m a Minnesota songwriter by passion, a trial lawyer by day. My brother and I office in Hopkins at 394 and 169, so it looks like we’re practically neighbors. I’ve been writing songs for two decades – country/pop/folk. I am now submitting my songs to TAXI and Music Xray after getting them produced professionally in Nashville. I’ve had some success in the past – sent one country rock tune to European radio in 1999 and it shot up the radio charts to #1 on the Independent Top 40 charts in June of that year – even got past some Shania Twain hits. Since then I’ve been working on my craft, getting my songs more “commercial sounding” – enjoying the process, but doing it alone. I only found your website this morning – apparently just as you were finishing your lyric writing workshop, which I would have loved to take. I’d like to explore learning from you and working with you as a co-writer for melody and structure on my songs. I can email you some samples of what I’ve done and what I’d like to improve. Where should I send them? Thanks.

    • Hey. Sorry you missed the workshop this time around. I will be planning more. I also teach songwriting for community education programs as well. Watch my site for those. Just wrapping up one in Hastings tomorrow. I also provide 1 on 1 coaching and lessons. I am not really looking for cowriters, but ya never know. You can email me through the contact tab of this site. Also there is a meeting of the MN Association of Songwriters this Wednesday at McNally Smith in St Paul. You should attend a meeting. Great critique opportunity. I can critique what you send me.


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