Professional Songwriting Demos

Got a song that you have written but don’t have a way to record it? Have you written lyrics, but need someone to set them to music and cut the demo? Well…you are in luck. I produce songwriting demos for songwriters. I can take your words and melody and create music tracks and hire vocalists to help your song come alive. I have a number of packages and options available. Get in touch with me to get more info.  ~ Chad

Why do you need a song demo?

1. Demos show your song in the best possible light

2. Share with friends and family

3. Pitch to music publishers

How does the process work? 

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for a full song demo…

1. Contact me and decide you want me to produce your song demo. I will let you know what I can do for you.

2. Send me payment and your song materials. Send me rough recordings, lyrics, ideas, etc. I also have a basic production agreement that you sign as well.

3. I will get to work studying your song and living with it to get a feel for the angle I will take in producing your demo. I will also start scheduling sessions with singers, etc.

4. I record your song and cut the vocalist.

5. After the song is mixed, I send you an Mp3 of the song. You can then have me make one set of minor mix changes, etc for free. Sometimes if you want to make changes in the vocals, additional session fees can apply.

6. I can send you a CD of the final mix and instrumental track.

7. Start the process over with your next song – - – OK, ploy for repeat business :)

Seriously, get in touch with me if you are considering having a song demo made. I will be honest and upfront with you about every step. I also recommend having me do a song critique for you before you jump into a full demo. I charge $20 per song for critiques and I will give you honest, constructive reviews, so you can make sure your song is the best it can be.

Hit me up at or 612-454-0926    ~~ Chad