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Songwriting Technique: Brainstorming by Accenting Words in your Title 

Hi Songwriters! 

This week’s songwriting tip is about using your title to brainstorm ideas. Titles hold many bits of info that can help you write some really cool songs. If you haven’t written with a title first, you are missing out on a wide variety of tools that you can use to write some great tunes.  

Today we are going to look at accenting each word in the title to find hidden meanings, lyrical twists, and word play. So what the heck do I mean? Well remember that language and words have stressed…

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What role do your song verses play? 

Hi Songwriters, 

This week we are going to review song verses. What is a verse and what role does it play in your song? The verse is what sets up the rest of your song for success. It sets a scene, and becomes the narrative explanation of the emotions of the chorus. Another way to look at it, is it puts the emotions of the song into a physical setting that your listener can experience.  

Most of the time verses are going to be full of “Showing” language. Imagery words that come from sensory writing. Verses…

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Inspiration vs Craft in Songwriting 

Hi Songwriters, 


I am pretty safe to say that all of you want to write songs that move people. I think we all have songs that have touched, and shaped our lives, and at some point the songwriting bug bit us. We decided we have something to say. Songwriting is the vehicle we have chosen to do that. 


When we first start writing songs we pick up our instrument of choice. OK, so piano players, maybe you don’t pick it up, but you know what I mean. We just let the words and music flow, and we think we just…

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What job does each of your song sections have?  

As songwriters we are really storytellers and mental movie makers. I think can all agree that when we hear a great song it takes us somewhere. Sometimes it is like time stands still and for 3 minutes we are watching a movie, or transported to somewhere else. Those types of songs are not easy to write, but with practice you can write those.  

One way to help your listener get immersed and surrounded by your song is to make sure your song sections are doing specific jobs in setting up and advancing your…

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Lyric Writing Tip: Showing vs Telling - What does that mean?  

Hi Songwriters, 

One of the themes that kept popping up is that people were doing more telling than showing. Many of us have heard the phrase, Show us, don't tell us. So what does that mean? 

First, all songs should have a mix of showing AND telling. Too much of either side will take some steam out of the song. So let's look at what each of those mean. 

  • Showing = descriptive, sense based language, picture words 
  • Telling = Emotions, direct statements of feelings, Ideas we can't see 

As a general…

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