From the recording New Songs

Written, and performed by Chad Shank
©2020 Chad Shank Music


Sun On the Hardwood Floor - by Chad Shank

Today I saw the sun shine on the wooden floor
The light hit my eyes and I didn’t breathe
I had to sit down and take in all of this moment
In that instant I could see you here
You were here

Glowing in the light
Your smile a mile wide
Laughing that laugh
It’s like you’re by my side
I miss you all the time
But I miss you more
When there’s Sun on the Hardwood Floor

I sat there watching memories play out in my mind
I heard your voice say that you couldn’t dance
When I took your hand and then we started swaying
You started giggling softly in my ear
Wish you were here

I hope you know that when I see the sun like this
I’ll always see you dancing

©2020 Chad Shank Music