From the recording New Songs

Written, Produced, and Performed by Chad Shank
(c)2020 Chad Shank Music

Written as a "writing from the title" exercise for the MN Association of Songwriters solo write challenge.


Mississippi Moon
By Chad Shank

We were getting high and drinking cheapo wine
Somewhere in the weeds out by that riverside
We were teenage kids just chasing summer life
Started making out under the moonlit sky

We learned about love there that night

Kissing you feeling your hands go up my T shirt
feel the soft part of your lips
Bending our innocence finding the passion
a magical night of bliss
Riverbank crickets sang chorus in the distance
Serenaded our first time
Something got us in the mood
It’s the Mississippi Moon

We were growing up and learning as we went
Propped our blue jeans up so we could rest our heads
Watched stars go by wishing it would never end
Then we asked ourselves about what would happen next

That night we would never forget


We keep counting the years off
That night never leaves my mind
When the moon is in the sky
It’s like no time has gone
I’m back….


(c)2020 Chad Shank Music