From the recording 2021 Songs

Written, Produced, and Performed by Chad Shank
(c)2021 Chad Shank Music

Recorded and Mixed by Chad Shank in New Hope, MN


Blessing and Curse
By Chad Shank © 2021

When I see other people
Use their heads and their hearts
It can make me jealous
I only fall hard
It’s the way that I’m wired
I’m really not versatile
I’m a full blown lover
Lovesick and blind

So it is
I’m a feeler, not a thinker
I live with it
I live with it
You could say
I’m a sucker for romantic things
I deal with it
I deal with it

I get lost in what I’m feeling
It’s always been my Blessing and Curse
My Blessing and Curse
It could be the best
Could be the worst
It’s always been my Blessing and Curse

When it comes to you Babe
My emotions get loud
And I forget logic
And thinking is out
So I with the feelings
Oh it is what it is
It’s my curse and my blessing
Changing’s a myth



Hear me out
I know you don’t get trapped in emotions like I do
But maybe we could balance each other out
And maybe I can start thinking and leave the loving to you

CHORUS repeats

(c)2021 Chad Shank Music