1. Those Summers

From the recording New Songs

Written by Chad Shank - Performed by Chad Shank Copyright 2021 Chad Shank


Those Summers
By Chad Shank

There’s a place
where the shadow of a shelter belt
over the fields of strawberries
Where a homemade sign says, “Pick Your Own”
It’s where we played
In the hazy days of August
Chasing shade
With dust and grasshoppers
A retreat off of a gravel road

Sweet nectar
of memories
flow in my mind
I wanna go back
I wanna go back again

Those Summers
Picking berries in the country
Those Summers
Mowing grass and making money
And Man I wish Grandpa could take us on his boat
If I had a time machine, it’s the first place I’d go
To Those Summers
Those Summers

County fair
On the midway playing games
On my first date
Man I was so nervous
But I tossed those rings til I won the prize
Then we walked
Home under the cottonwoods
That night
like Hollywood had written it
I had the first kiss of my life

Condos were built where the strawberries grew
Grandpa’s been gone since since July of 02
None of the seasons feel like they used to